A focus on

ElmediX strives to extend the lives of millions of cancer patients worldwide and improve their quality-of-life. Patients, family and caregivers lie at the heart of our activities. Our initial focus is on pancreatic cancer, but other cancer types are also under investigation (e.g. solid tumors).

Our thermal therapy is not yet available to patients and doctors. As part of the development process, it is currently undergoing clinical trials.

The road to the clinic

Clinical trials are research studies performed in humans. They allow researchers to prove that a new treatment – like a medical device or a new drug – is safe and effective in humans.

Before a clinical trial can start, scientists perform laboratory tests and studies in animals to determine whether a potential therapy is safe and effective. If these studies show favorable results, the regulatory authorities give approval for the treatment to be tested in humans.


Laboratory tests


Animal studies


Clinical trials


Approved treatment

ElmediX’ technology has shown to be safe in all of these animal tests. The Belgian regulatory authorities have given a green light to the first human patients.

The road to
the clinic

ElmediX’ thermal therapy has been verified in minipigs and in dogs with tumors. Previous applications of thermal therapy in humans have also demonstrated its safety and contribution to improving the quality-of-life of patients diagnosed with different types of cancer (e.g. lung, stomach, liver, pancreas, or rectal cancer).

Based on this information, we have embarked our own safety clinical study and the trial is open for recruitment. You can find more information on clinicaltrials.gov. If you would like more information, you can discuss this with your doctor.