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Long-term whole-body thermal treatment evaluated

Safety evaluation of long-term temperature controlled whole-body thermal treatment in female Aachen minipigs

Whole-body thermal treatment (WBTT) increases the temperature of the entire body to a temperature of 41.5°C. A study conducted by ElmediX demonstrated that the application of WBTT in female Aachen minipigs for up to 8 hours was well tolerated.

The key study objectives were:

  • Measure key performance parameters of ElmediX temperature-controlled WBTT device;
  • Establish a preliminary safety profile of WBTT in Aachen minipigs.
Elmedix Aachen Minipig

Whole-body thermal treatment is safe for usage in minipigs

The animals were evaluated before, during and after WBTT. Minor changes in parameters were observed, but all of these were acceptable. All changes were limited in time and reversible, and the animals remained healthy throughout the entire procedure and during follow-up.

In addition, histopathological analysis of selected key organs showed no thermal treatment-related changes.

In short, these findings contribute and support the application of the ElmediX WBTT device and protocol, enabling it’s translation into human patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.

Download the paper

Download the complete paper as it was published in the International Journal of Hyperthermia .

ElmediX strives to improve quality of life

ElmediX strives to extend the lives of cancer patients worldwide and to improve their quality of life. Initially, our focus is on pancreatic cancer, but other cancer types are also being investigated.