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Hyperthermia in combination with emerging targeted and immunotherapies

We’re proud to announce that our paper “Hyperthermia in Combination with Emerging Targeted and Immunotherapies” has been published open access in Cancers by MDPI.

Despite significant advancements in the development of novel therapies, cancer continues to stand as a prominent global cause of death. In many cases, the cornerstone of standard-of-care therapy consists of chemotherapy (CT), radiotherapy (RT), or a combination of both.

In this article primary authors and Elmedix colleagues Tine Logghe and Eke van Zwol highlight the role of hyperthermia (HT) as a modality in cancer treatment, particularly its effectiveness as a sensitizer and its impact on cancer–immunity processes and oncogenic pathways.

Paper Cancers MDPI
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Most recently, there has been a noticeable expansion of cancer research related to treatment options involving immunotherapy (IT) and targeted therapy (TT), a trend also visible in the research and development pipelines of pharmaceutical companies.

However, the potential results arising from the combination of these innovative therapeutic approaches with HT remain largely unexplored. Therefore, this review aims to explore the oncology pipelines of major pharmaceutical companies, with the primary objective of identifying the principal targets of forthcoming therapies that have the potential to be advantageous for patients by specifically targeting molecular pathways involved in HT.

The ultimate goal of this review is to pave the way for future research initiatives and clinical trials that harness the synergy between emerging immunotherapy and targeted therapy medications when used in conjunction with hyperthermia.

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ElmediX strives to extend the lives of cancer patients worldwide and to improve their quality of life. Initially, our focus is on pancreatic cancer, but other cancer types are also being investigated.