A warm hope
for cancer patients

ElmediX’ thermal therapy boosts conventional cancer treatments. Our technology platform administers optimized thermal doses, with safety demonstrated through extensive preclinical testing. By improving treatment response rates, we aim to increase patient survival and quality-of-life.


A new treatment

ElmediX introduces long-term high-accuracy systemic thermal therapy.

By bringing the entire body to a temperature of 41.5°C for multiple hours, a tumor-killing effect is achieved, sparing normal cells. Exposure to heat also increases their sensitivity to chemo- or radiotherapy through a combination of mechanisms. Preclinical research shows extremely promising results building on published data.


It is essential to accurately monitor and control the temperature throughout the body. ElmediX’ device can precisely regulate the patient’s body temperature by combining state-of-the-art thermal sensing catheter data with a proprietary thermal model of the human body.

Thermal Therapy is enabled by state-of-the art technology

Precision, sensitivity and accuracy are the key factors to safely and effectively deliver Thermal Therapy.

Precision thermometry, with state-of-the-art sensors, ensures that the appropriate therapeutic temperature is achieved in all targeted tissues and organs. An accurate thermal mapping of the patient’s body with software-based models guarantees that the temperature remains within safety limits at all times 1.

The thermal models can be developed combining thermal data and patient-specific physiological data 2. These allow to obtain a more uniform temperature determination and to preventively identify and avoid the formation of hot spots during thermal treatment.

The recorded temperature data, combined with the information provided by the thermal models, ensures that an adequate heating power is delivered during the treatment 3. An accurate selection of the most suitable technical components, and the development of advanced control algorithms allows a refined temperature control.

A focus on

The purpose of everything we do is to improve the outcome of those facing cancer. Our thermal therapy is currently undergoing clinical trials. Find out more about this process and what it means for patients.

About ElmediX

The company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the University of Antwerp with one goal: to develop a disruptive solution for (pancreatic) cancer and other life-threatening diseases. ElmediX’ management team of seasoned entrepreneurs and scientists is bringing this mission to life.