• Radio Frequency Catheter for HIS-Bundle ablation (The Lancet published, WW standard).
  • Orthopedic fluid management device including disposable (start-up under NDA).
  • Implantable defibrillator/cardioverter (UZ Gasth).
  • 3D laser scanner (projector and camera chip).
  • Urodynamic data recorder (Wiest GmbH).
  • 3D scanner for femur channel digitalisation.
  • Electrical stimulation device for in-vitro and in-vivo (animal study) use (University of Maastricht).
  • Electro-magnetic stimulation (300Hz - 100MHz) device for in-vitro use.
  • Cleanroom robot for cell cultures (GSK).
  • On-line optical concentration monitoring system (GSK).
  • Bottle inspection system (Baxter).

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