Developing a Novel Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Modality Using Model Based Hyperthermia Techniques


Cancer remains a major health issue world-wide. Treatment of local disease has advanced significantly but systemic, metastasized disease remains an important challenge. Small molecules and immunotherapy are promising but only for a small percentage of patients.

For our new treatment method, Elmedix focusses on pancreatic cancer as it is a significant unmet issue. However, the treatment method, which is based on hyperthermia, acts generic. This means that other cancer types are on our radar (e.g. melanoma, glioblastoma).

Pancreatic cancer has a five-year survival rate of 5% average survival time one year after diagnosis. After lung- and colon cancer, pancreatic cancer is the deadliest disease in the western world. In Europe alone, more than 90.000 people die each year of this disease. 

Elmedix has developed a novel systemic treatment modality, based on whole-body hyperthermia. This treatment can be used as adjuvans to chemotherapeutics, radiation and immunotherapy.

 The Elmedix method shows clear efficacy in vitro on multiple cancer cell lines, including pancreatic cancer. Recently the safety of the method was proven on minipigs and dogs. Treatment of dogs with naturally occurring tumors with short-term follow-up demonstrated reduction/growth arrest of lesions and the disappearance of lung metastasis. Further experiments in dogs are planned. The first-in-human phase I study is planned in Q4 2019.


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